About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of South Country Co-op are:

General Manager: Mike Clement

Controller:  Brad Dewing

Operations Managers:

                                    Agro Division Manager Bruce Buckingham

                                    Consumer Division Manager Paul Haynes

                                    Risk Management Ray Gaetz

Marketing & Community Relations Manager: Carmen Hudson

Human Resources Manager: Lisa Keogan

Health and Safety Manger - Heather Smith Schenkey

Petroleum Division Managers:

                                Anna Torkelson - Vauxhall Area

                                 Dean Wickham - Medicine Hat Area

Agro Division Manager: Rudy Nordin

Agronomy Manager:  Alvin Stephens

Project Development Manager:  Rick Bolen

Asset Protection Manager: Marc Cayer

Food Division Manager:  Carey Boughen

Pharmacy Division Manager - Claudette Hoffart

Gas Bar Division Manager:  Brad Klassen

Liquor Division Manager:  Monica Miller